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Computer Purchase Guide

If you are looking to upgrade some computers or are looking to purchase new hardware, call for an evaluation of your needs. We are impartial and not affiliated with any hardware vendors. We will give an honest opinion of your needs. If you can't decide between 2 or 3 hardware quotes, we can help. Vendors are affiliated with certain hardware manufacturers and will push their products the most. Many times they will include equipment or software that is not needed for you application. After a quote evaluation we can save you money by removing any unnecessary expenses or telling you which items are priced too high. A little money up front can save you time, money, and aggravation later. At the very least you will have peace of mind that someone has not taken advantage of your situation. Always remember that the lowest price quote is not the best bargain. Take into account the long term cost of ownership. In 3 or 4 years the cheap price may be the most expensive. Call or email for more information. Print this guide for technology purchases and refer to it when in question.

Guide to Technology Purchases

1. Calculate long term cost of ownership
Take into account how long the warranties are, how long technical support is offered, and how long the product has been in existance.

2. Get competing quotes
Always get competing quotes for the same technology. Different vendors have different prices for the same technology.

3. Does the product meet your specifications?
Going with the lower price product is a complete waste if it doesn't meet your needs.

4. How does the product support your business?
Why are you buying the computer technology product? (ex: fax servers, image scanners, database products, etc.) Is the purchase to solve an existing need or are you getting it because "It's Cool Dude!" You need to know the reasons behind your purchase and then decide if it is right for you. Information Technology (IT) purchases are some of the most expensive purchases you will make in your business or home, make sure you are making the right decisision.

5. Do you understand the technology?
Have the salespersons confused you with terms and acronyms you do not understand? (ex: NT, ROI, STI, FAT, NTFS, DOS, WIN98, WIN98SE, Linux, Unix, CAGR, Netware, etc.)

Links to Products/Companies

The links below are to companies we have found in the past to have good pricing and/or service. It is not an endorsement of their futre pricing and/or service.

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Computer Gate

 ZoneAlarm Pro



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