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Network Support

Our staff of network support specialists will design, build, install, and maintain computer and telephone systems customized for your business. We take great pride in providing you with support services on multiple platforms. We specialize in cost effectively developing solutions for your business. We are available weekends, evenings, and holidays for computer upgrades that cannot be done at other times. We schedule upgrades at your convenience.

We provide care for the areas that impact and influence your business the most. We are not a hardware or software re-seller. Consequently we provide unbiased and honest recommendations based solely on your business needs, backed by solid research and extensive understanding of the technology industry. We help you get the most from your systems at the lowest cost.

Carilon Enterprises understands the technology challenges of small business. We try to understand your network and business needs and help you make decisions on the technology to help it run more efficiently. Technology used wisely supports your long-term goals and strategies.

We will walk you through the following steps that assure that all of your present and future objectives are met:

Site survey: We gather detailed information concerning existing and planned network infrastructure for proper assessment of project requirements.
Network design: Your network infrastructure will be planned out to match your requirements. Recommendations for future capacity planning will be made.
Implementation: Installation of your hardware and software is expedited and configured to your business's needs.
Testing: After all the necessary components are in place, the network is completely tested as per network design specification, insuring smooth operation.
Support: Training and assistance in the use of your network is provided assuring that all benefits provided through the network are utilized efficiently.
Patch management: On-site and Off-site Microsoft Windows patch management including seucrity updates, OS Updates, and Operating System patches.
Computer Security Audits: On-site computer security Audits including vulnerability asessment, Firewall configuration and testing, and internal server testing. Documentation of security loopholes and

Our knowledge of the personal computer industry assures you unbiased, reliable advice.
We are truly the Information Technology Department for small- and medium-sized businesses. Call and give us the opportunity to earn your trust. With the changing state of technology and the vast array of problems existing in today's systems, there always are tasks that need to be performed.

Regularly scheduled visits with a list of tasks to monitor and check including:
· Server logs
· Error logs
· System events
· Connectivity failures
· Backup systems
· Printer systems
· Drive performance and mapping
· Internet throughput
· Remote access
· Synchronization of files
· Email administration
· Disk storage capacity
· Defragmentation status
· Disk Health checks
· Virus Protection update
· Firewall updates.

Systems supported
· Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP
· Windows NT server and Workstation Versions
· Macintosh
· Novell Netware 3.11, 4, 5, 6
· Unix
· Linux

Specialized support
· Pick Operating (D3) system support and basic programming
· Caridiff Teleform forms development and support
· Zetafax Fax Server support and installations
· Bizfon telephone systems installation and support
· Teltronics / SRX Phones Programming and Replacement
· Cold Fusion Design and Programming.


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