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Computer Support

When you put your computer support needs in our hands, you are assured that our comprehensive approach will give you peace of mind. We understand it is vital that your business be armed with technological knowledge that constantly evolves. By having the right answers when you are in need of help, you encompass the role of a technologically savvy individual and business owner. Knowing that we stand behind you every step, you can embrace new advances in computer technology that can empower your business and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Our computer support is multifaceted, unlike the passive approach so many other companies take. Your expenditures in technology are prudent, avoiding excess spending in unproven software and hardware. We look into ways that your business can utilize available tools in becoming more efficient. We don't just check if something is technically possible. Whether something is technically possible and whether there is a business case for it are two different things.

Attention to detail is ever so crucial in this field. It is that attention that insures when a small issue does arise, it never becomes more than that before being resolved. That is why our personal attention is so very valuable. We quickly make printing problems, application issues, and a host of other frustrating challenges a thing of the past. This approach to eliminate many of the problems that weigh on the performance of internal systems, reduces employee downtime, increases employee moral, and contributes to a significant increase in productivity. We attend to the computer needs of each employee, so you don't have to.

Fees for services are kept simple, making it easier to maintain a pleasant relationship. Our principle is to be long on convenience but short on hassle. Our pricing is based on an individual basis rather than "one size fits all". After all, your business is unique.

· No pre-billing
· No retainer fees
· No long-term commitments
· No "fine print"
· Emergency 24 hour, 7 day a week support
· As-needed fee structure
· Complete documentation of services rendered

We take pride in readily having the best solutions for your situation. Our expertise covers a large array of services that include but by not limited to:

· Technology forecasting and budgeting
· Systems integration
· Network and workstation wiring
· Network diagnostics
· Network administration
· Network security strategies
· Proactive network maintenance
· System installations and moves
· High-speed internet connections
· 24 hour guaranteed onsite support available
· Systems configuration and upgrades
· Systems backup and off-site storage
· On-site training for individuals and groups
· Application installations and training
· Computer Forensics
· Multiple platform sites

After our initial visit, a support structure tailored to your business is set in place. We sit down with you come up with a regular visit schedule to best support your needs and availability. We try to keep interruptions to a minimum. This way you are kept current with technology, your data is kept intact, and your business is minimally impacted. Someone from our firm is a phone call away at all times.

Call for a low cost evaluation.

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